Sean Jerguson


District 22

Represents part of Cherokee County

Sworn in January 8, 2007

Representative Sean Jerguson

502 Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, sonja henie doll 30334

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Occupation - Businessman i m real
Birthday - February 3 spray paint pictures
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Spouse - Kate sonja henie dvd
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Staff Committees
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  the author of her book - Vice Chairman
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  ellen and portia - Secretary

Alexander Dolls 1923-1947
Some of the small sized dolls used the Wendy Ann face. Usually marked: Sonja Henie Madame Alexander. Clothing will also have the Sonja Henie name .

Arranbee Dolls 1922-1961
1938-1946 Sonja Henie, 20" tall, used the Nancy Lee head mold, all composition doll with blonde mohair wig similar to the doll face shown on right, came . Customer Discussions: i have a SONJA HENIE doll that i ...
i have a SONJA HENIE doll that i want to restore. i think she is a madame alexander doll, not sure. the doll was purchased around 1942 as a christmas gift. she . Sonja Henie Paper Dolls (9780979505393): Norman ... Sonja Henie Paper Dolls (9780979505393): Norman Mingo, Jenny Taliadoros, Clara Ernst: Books.

Olympic Dolls -- Barbie, Madame Alexander, Sonja Henie Paper ...
Find out more about suggested prices for Olympic collectibles and Olympic dolls, including Barbie, Madame Alexander and Sonja Henie Paper dolls.

SONJA HENIE PAPER DOLLS. Merrill No.3475, 1939. A CUT SET with two dolls (of three dolls) - the set is missing doll number 2. Doll #1 has a complete set of .

Sonja Henie's Cold, Cold Heart
Newspaper item, "Sonja Henie's heart was lost in Omaha " Source:Omaha World Herald, 2-10-2003. Sonja Henie doll. Source: Elizabeth Gaylord Rathburn, .

SONJA HENIE - Golden Girl on the Silver Screen
Sonja Henie was a phenomenon. . everything from skates to cars to wallpaper, and every young girl begged for a Henie doll, coloring book, and paper doll set. .