Sean Jerguson


District 22

Represents part of Cherokee County

Sworn in January 8, 2007

Representative Sean Jerguson

502 Coverdell Legislative Office Building
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Occupation - Businessman supervised probation
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Spouse - Kate sonja henie movies
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Similarities and differences: Understanding homology and analogy
Explains homology and analogy in the evolution of living things and why they are important. Includes the tetrapod limb, saberteeth, how analogies evolve, and .

Hand it to the Animals - Student Lesson
Such similar features are called homologous structures. Homologous structures are similar in relative location, structure, or appearance but not necessarily in .

Evolution: Online Lessons for Students: Lesson 3- Additional Activities
The activity shows that homologous structures indicate descent from a common ancestor. Screen grab from the All in the Family Web activity. All In the Family .

Teachers' Domain: Evidence for Evolution
Sep 26, 2003 . What is the difference between a homologous structure and an . about evolution from these activities, ask them to discuss the following: .

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Evolution Lesson Plans: Natural Selection Evidence, Darwin Theory
Anatomy - vestigial structures, homologous structures, vertebrate embryos. . An example natural selection activity lets students mimic bacteria becoming .

Functional homology and homology of function: biological concepts ...
Keywords Activity Developmental biology Epistemology Function . Homology Structural biology. This paper benefited greatly from the feedback of .

Divergent Modes of Enzyme Inhibition in a Homologous Structure ...
Jul 28, 2009 . Divergent Modes of Enzyme Inhibition in a Homologous Structure?Activity Series. Abstract; HTML Full Text HTML; PDF Hi-Res PDF[998 KB] .