Sean Jerguson


District 22

Represents part of Cherokee County

Sworn in January 8, 2007

Representative Sean Jerguson

502 Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, fire flow formulas 30334

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BASIC FIRE FLOW FORMULA. Indication: Company Officers need to ensure sufficient water is available to contain and extinguish the fire. The Needed Fire Flow .

nfa fire flow [Archive] - Firehouse Forums - Firefighting Discussion
The NFA quick-calculation formula is: L x W/3 = fire flow for one floor at 100% involvement. Then as you determine the % of involvement upon .

Guide For Determination of Required Fire Flow
Those factors are the foundation of the needed fire flow formula. The following pages include a number of excerpts from another ISO document, the Specific .

Required Fire Flow for Fireflow Calculations
Needed fire flow is the amount of water that should be available for providing fire protection at selected locations throughout a community. ISO has prepared a .

Blog Archive Estimating Required Fire Flow: The Iowa Formula ...
As discussed in Estimating Required Fire Flow: The National Fire Academy Formula, there are a number of ways to estimate required (total) fire flow or tactical .

Estimating Required Fire Flow: The National Fire Academy Formula
Interestingly enough the NFA Fire Flow Formula is not based on science (at least not physical science). The developers tapped into another valid source of .

Evaluate Existing Fire Flow Calculation Formulas for Adoption in our ...
The three research methods were used to identify (a) what fire flow formulas . offer suppression officers a method of quick and basic fire flow calculations rather .

An Examination of Fire Flow Determination Methods for Possible ...
See Equation 2 for the IITRI residential fire flow formula. See. Equation 3 for IITRI nonresidential fire flow formula. . See Equation 4 for the NFA fire flow formula. .