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District 22

Represents part of Cherokee County

Sworn in January 8, 2007

Representative Sean Jerguson

502 Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, examples of vestigial structures 30334

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Vestigiality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The human vermiform appendix is a vestigial structure; it no longer retains its original . 1 History; 2 Common descent and evolutionary history; 3 Examples .

Human vestigiality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the greater part Organs which may be rightly termed Vestigial." This list included many of the examples on this page as well as others then mistakenly .

Top 10 Useless Limbs (and Other Vestigial Organs) | LiveScience
Feb 9, 2005 . In Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species (1859) and in his later works, he referred to several "vestiges" in human anatomy that were left .

If species change over time, then scientists should be able to cite examples . Such seemingly functionless parts are called vestigial organs or structures. .

Vestigial Organs - Creation in the Crossfire
Examples of vestigial organs in humans usually include the appendix, the coccyx (tail bone), and the tonsils. While Robert Wiedersheim listed 180 alleged .

Vestigial Structures - International Society for Complexity Information ...
Some examples of vestigial structures include the whale pelvis, tiny snake pelvic and limb bones, and the eyes in cave-dwelling salamanders and fish that are .

Vestigial Structures Exist Even Within the Creationist Paradigm | NCSE
The first prediction is that creationist arguments against the existence of vestigial structures can be refuted. The second prediction is that examples of vestigial .

29+ Evidences for Macroevolution: Part 2
Vestigial structures have perplexed naturalists throughout history and were noted long . There are many examples of rudimentary and nonfunctional vestigial .