Sean Jerguson


District 22

Represents part of Cherokee County

Sworn in January 8, 2007

Representative Sean Jerguson

502 Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, allopolyploidy 30334

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Occupation - Businessman bladder pain treatment
Birthday - February 3 office validation assistant
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Staff Committees
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  examples of divergent evolution - Vice Chairman
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Polyploid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
4.1 Autopolyploidy; 4.2 Allopolyploidy; 4.3 Paleopolyploidy; 4.4 Karyotype . The mechanisms leading to novel variation in newly formed allopolyploids may .

allopolyploidy - definition of allopolyploidy by the Free Online ...
al·lo·pol·y·ploid ( l -p l -ploid ). adj. Having two or more complete sets of chromosomes derived from different species. n. An allopolyploid organism. .

allopolyploidy - Dictionary of botany
allopolyploidy - A form of polyploidy that results from the combination.

Allopolyploidy-Induced Rapid Genome Evolution in the Wheat ...
To better understand genetic events that accompany allopolyploid formation, we studied the rate and time of elimination of eight DNA sequences in F1 hybrids .

Allopolyploidy is caused by the presence of several genomes of different species in a cell, a tissue or a whole organism. Most common are allotetraploids .

Extensive changes to alternative splicing patterns following ...
Sep 7, 2011 . Parallel losses of many AS events after allopolyploidy were detected in the . AS changes after allopolyploidy were much more common than .

allopolyploidy (botany) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
There are two kinds of polyploids—autopolyploids, which derive from a single species, and allopolyploids, which stem from a combination of chromosome sets .

Molecular and Chromosomal Evidence for Allopolyploidy in Soybean
Molecular and Chromosomal Evidence for Allopolyploidy in Soybean1. Navdeep Gill, Seth Findley, Jason G. Walling, Christian Hans, Jianxin Ma, Jeff Doyle, .

allopolyploidy - Wiktionary
allopolyploidy (uncountable) . Several important crops such as wheat, cotton and canola are of allopolyploidy that contains two or more divergent genomes, .